Fire of the Holy Ghost 1&2

[1/13, 21:04] Jonathan Azode: *The Fire of the Holy Ghost*
Acts 2:3 KJV

And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

God is an unquenchable fire. And thus, He has a reserve of the fire in the Word of God. The coming of Jesus, was to prepare man for the coming of this fire. The fire of the Holy Ghost, surpasses any other power or fire. This fire has certain ways of function and character. A person with this fire is a moving missile, you don’t have this fire and remain unfocused or inconsequential. I want to take us on a little journey as regards to this fire.

 *Baptism of fire* 

Under this I will be talking about 3 basic things. Firstly is

 *How to get baptized in fire* 

One who wants to get baptized in the Holy Ghost fire like the apostles, he must be ready. He is not to be confused about what he wants from God. The person must be prepared also. He need to know that he is lacking fire and that he needs it, he must know the advantage of fire. He must want to take advantage of the fire. A person that need fire from God must be equal to the task, he must state the obvious by saying to himself why do I need fire, fire wouldn’t come to you when you do not have a reason for the fire. If you get the fire what do you use it for. Is it for miracles, signs and wonders or is it for pride. To obtain fire also you must know how to interact with the Holy Ghost. You must learn how to relate with the Spirit. People who relate with the Spirit. Will easily get baptized by the Holy Ghost. Now there are Three ways I know one can receive the Holy Spirit baptism. Firstly it is by impartation which is of two folds. The laying on of hands and also from anointmosphere. That is where anointing is dwelling. Secondly is by utterance. When you speak and the Holy Ghost fire enters. Thirdly the one of the apostles was directly from God that one needed no man to bring about it. These are how you receive fire. Next thing I want to write about is the impact of fire.

 *The impact of fire*

Fire like everything in the kingdom of God has it’s work. And a such a person with fire has some characters. Fire is needed to break grounds. Fire is needed to overcome temptation. Fire is needed to frustrate the devil and his agents. Fire is needed to break limitations. Fire is needed to grow spiritually, and to meet your spiritual needs. fire is used to change things. A fireless person is truly a powerless person. Every fireful person leaves an impact for his generation to come. Fire is used to burn chaff out of the life of a person and also fire refines. The products of fire cannot be over emphasized. With fire the journey becomes rather easy. The devil will only listen to fire. Where fire is burning no one goes near there. Fire is used to cultivate. Where things are dry and you want new things to grow you need fire. Fire is used to confuse the enemy. Where there is fire the enemy is afraid to go there and he is looking for  a means of escape. Fire can protect. Fire is what God uses to protect His children from any harm. Fire is unpenetratable it can not be hindered. Fire is a master piece it attracts. Where there is fire, people are attracted to you. The see reasons to be around you. Finally I will talk about.

 *The indwelling of Fire*

Fire can be quenched like any other spiritual entity. So it is good to know how to maintain your fire. To keep the fire burning you must first of all overcome fear. The fire of God cannot be quenched in you except you are fearful. The more afraid you are the more of the fire that is quenched within you. Is it possible for you not to get afraid, yes sir. You only need to separate yourself unto God. How do you separate yourself unto God by being diligent in the spirit among other things. Also to keep the fire burning you need a life of understanding with God. In fact you need Jesus living in the inside of you. He is the only one that can make the Journey and future bright

Jonathan Azode: *The fire of the Holy Ghost 2*
The fire of the Holy Ghost is a fire that burns continually. It is impossible to quench only if you allow it to. There is a way this fire burns that it doesn’t fear any other fire. Today I will be talking on 3 things under what I title unquenchable fire.

 *Unquenchable fire*

 *Fire proof*

The fire of the Holy Ghost has fire proof, it is tangible palpable and feelable. The fire is a very dangerous kind. like physical fire it is of two sided can be of good use and also a destroyer. The fire of the Holy Ghost kindled in the mist of the children of Israel and destroyed so many of them when they sined. The fire can do and undo. The fire is made of light it can’t be hurt by darkness. Instead it shatters darkness. Or have you heard in the news where they say darkness quenched fire. This fire cannot harm the person who has it. It speeds up the process of creation in a man. The fire of the Holy Ghost is unstoppable. It is like a bulldozing agent. It can saturate and it can suffocate. It is proof. The fire carries proof it can be anointing for the next level. The fire is not a fire that leaves you where it meets you. Next thing

 *The burning*

There is way it burns. It can be like the fire of a gas or of petrol or of wood. This fire is full of substance. It is feared by the enemy. The fire burns in degrees that cannot be withstood or understood. It grows. The more you do the things that gets you closer to God the more this fire burns. Like every fire it needs a source of fuel. The more oil you have the more this fire burns. Desperation positively is key to the burning of this fire. This fire can be shared among individuals and places. The fire can go as far as another state if it is sent. There is always an amazing side to the burning of this fire, it can change dimension, it is basically burning everything that concerns you at the same time. The burning of this fire can be trusted. This fire can keep burning for generation and even for eternity. Like hell fire this fire created it out of annoyance. Next thing

 *Sufficient Fire*

The fire of the Holy Ghost is sufficient for you. It is s fire that cannot betray its owner. It is sufficient in fulfilling its assignment. The basic necessity of this fire sufficiency is in the attitude of gratitude. The fire of the Holy Ghost is never late to respond to your needs. The fire of God is sufficient to give you strength, it is sufficient to move you to another dimension. This fire is sufficient to direct your part. It is sufficient enough to consume the enemy. This fire is a blessing to those who believe. This fire has voice and it can speak. When men says there is a casting down this fire says there is a lifting up. This fire is a fire that can cause your rivals to beg for mercy. Fire of the Holy Ghost is sufficient enough to handle all miseries. No problem that cannot be answered by this fire. The fire of the Holy Ghost is power for the taking over of territories. When men are busy complaining that they have challenges, the fire says otherwise. This fire is a defence. I don’t think there is any security that is better than this fire. Fire that talks, eats, breaths, moves and etcetera. Indeed this fire is sufficient enough to handle your challenges


Enmity in the Church 6

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*Enmity in the Church 6*
Like I was writing yesterday. There is envy that God hates there is envy that destroys, there is envy that kills. Envy in the contest of satisfying oneself alone is dangerous. I want us to look at three things today, first the envy that God hates, the dangers of envy, defeating envy

 *The matter of Envy 2*

 *The envy that God hates*

There is an envy that God hates. There is an envy that has resulted in the death of many there is an envy that can destroy the person that envied and the person who is envied. There is an envy. This is the reason why a lot of people have not grown spiritually, because their hearts have not truly seen others as themselves. This envy satisfies oneself alone. It is an envy that will go any length to see that one does not prosper. There is a dimension of envy that wants to pull someone down and make sure the person remains down. Every person is wired to covet and you can either covet good things or covet bad things. Envy and covetousness are equals. If you want to succeed in this life, please try to covet good things. Envy that is not of God always brings about evil. There is no way a man can live in peace with his neighbour if he envies him. And there is no how you can receive from God if you are an envious person. There is a way that a person that envies thinks. There is a way he lives his life, wickedness and envy are brothers. Murder and envy are related. God is not envious he is jelouse. When you are envious, you really can’t think of anything good concerning your neighbour. There is no way that you can help a neighbour when you are envious of him, even when it is done it is like a sacrifice of the wicked to God. I urge you to meditate on this words. The worst thing that you can do to yourself, is to be envious of one that God has blessed. That is like sleeping on the body of a cobra. The repercussion is deadly. Envy is not a means to an end, it is an end in itself. I don’t know but betrayal is a means of envy. It is one thing that is caused by envy.

 *The dangers of envy*

There is something that envy does to a man. Envy is a very difficult and like HIV AIDS, it is a very bloody disease. The disease that kills gradually. The disease that causes both parties to be at a high tension causing hypertension. I don’t know but I have done this in the past and it never profited me anything. When I saw it couldn’t profit me much I was almost enticed to go diabolical. Envy is not of any benefit at all. The more you envy the more you are killing yourself. I will let you on a little secret. There is a dimension of envy that makes you regret every single day. Now I will say this when you allow envy to creep into your life, be ready for torment. The fears that will cause you to be a living dead person is Just about to hit you. Then suspicion.

 *Defeating envy*

I will say a hundred but there is an eternity ways of defeating envy. Like all disease there must be something you have to do. You need to have a personal encounter. An experience that will not only cause you to stop envy but to reconcile with people you envy. To defeat envy I will talk as a motivational Christian preacher. First don’t look down on yourself. Second be true to yourself. Thirdly don’t be in a hurry to get anything. Let me dwell on this three. There is people who don’t see good in themselves, the are so unsure of themselves that they think they are an enemy to themselves. You are bigger than you think. You are better than everybody around you. If only I got this advice a long time ago I would have been a better person. I don’t want you to see yourself as an enemy. Secondly be true to yourself. People do things that they know is a lie. They live in total falsehood. They do all manner of things to satisfy themselves and they would want to cause trouble because they can’t live in the truth. If you are true to yourself, you won’t be envious of anybody. Thirdly and lastly never be in a hurry to get anything. Thank you.

Enmity in the Church 5

*Enmity in the Church 5*
There is a dimension I will like us to dive into today and I title it the Matter of envy. There is many times we want to live our life as it pleases us. But many times is good to envy the right thing. But the envy I hate and I talk about is the ones that leads to other department of sin. There are so called Christians today, that are full of the darkside of envy.

 *The matter of envy 1*

There are things that causes envy and I will like us to discuss a few.


A very responsible person is a person that is power filled also. He is not ready to be blamed for his lack or her lack. He is ready to do things effectively and efficiently. A responsible man cannot be found wanting he is sure of what to do and when he is to do it. A responsible man through God is diligent in his work and thus is being payed by God. When one is diligent in his Work he is full of results. The way a person that is responsible thinks is different from the way an ordinary person would, if you lack responsibility you lack dutifulness. There are things to be expected from a responsible man and envy is not one of them. To be envious is to be irresponsible


The word greed is to be very fund of everything. In other words to want everything for yourself. Many people in the Church has resulted to envy in the Church and thus enmity because they are greedy. They want too much more than they can carry. God has giving them but they are not contented they look forward to driving the latest jeep and flying the latest aeroplane instead of doing the Work of the Father.


Desperate people in quote are foolish people. Now I don’t mean that in the context of God. To want things in a hurry is to end up hurrying to your grave. If one has wisdom. I mean true wisdom from God he will not be in envy with anybody. Wisdom directs. Higher wisdom gives higher direction. So I advice seek for the wisdom that encompasses understanding for more of that try to read my article on the higher Wisdom. 


There is a Word that I like in the new testament and it is this Word. There are a lot of people who have lost in life because of this, others are suffering and they are in lack and want because of the lack of the understanding of this Word. A mysterious matter has plagued the Church with a lot of irrelevant challenges. Many churches have seen other churches as an enemy because of this matter. They look down on people because of this matter. Like all things in Gods kingdom mysteries grow and it can be explained to a large extent. The challenge is that it comes with a price. The new testament is a mystery and as the testator paid the ultimate price everyone who contribute to it paid a similar price. The power of mysteries is what resurrected Jesus from dead. The power of mysteries is what made the earth. And that power made God who He is. Some mysteries will never be understood. But I urge you that you should pray to God to open your eyes to the mysteries that concerns you, so you don’t become a concern to others. Innocently, mysteries can be the cause of envy in the Church because no one can understand them.


This is one cause of envy. It is good to know this because it will help you in the nearest future, whatever you don’t understand please ask questions. The more questions you ask the better, because people have ended up killing others because of misunderstanding. Misunderstanding has lead to the destruction of many Churches. Once the devil sees he can’t get you personally, he plants misunderstanding in everything around you and make people to start seeing faults in you. Instead of people to want to help you or associate with you they rather fight you to a stand still. I will continue tomorrow

Enmity in the Church 4

*Enmity in the Church 4*
The Church is failing and there is enmity in it because of so many factors and one of this factor is the factor of a disguised witch. Many times we see witches as evil and dangerous people. But the truth of the matter is there are so many witches among us in disguise. What make up a witch is someone being diabolical that is one leg in the Church and one leg in the world. A disguised witch is a person who have let the devil to be using him also. Thus he is a little here and a little there. The title of what we will be looking at today is a disguised witch.

 *The disguised witch*

At times, we overlook certain things but a lot of things need to be taking seriously for us to succeed in the Church. Under this title, I will be looking at three subtopic. The first is


There is a lot of wicked entity that calls themselves Christians, they tell you God loves you and that you are blessed meanwhile, what they truly wish for you is death and tragedy. You are about getting married and people are saying congrats but in there hearts they wish you bad. It is not enough to say congrats it is also important to have a good will. In many instance people are not sure what they wish for others. There are people who even want the death of their senior colleagues in Christ, it is a bitter thing happening in the Church today. The pastor preaches one thing and is doing another thing. People find it very hard to give. To give becomes a problem for them. You see a brother in need and you want to pray for the person instead of giving the person a gift or something. It is a bad seed many people are sowing in the Church today. Trouble is the wickedness of a man comes upon him. You can’t escape Judgement here on earth even before eternal judgement. There is wickedness in high places and that is what the Church has learnt so far. There is the disguised form of wickedness in the Church. I will ask how many times have you sincerely prayed for your neighbour or congratulated a fellow brother whole heartedly. I know the Christian journey is a personal race. But you get more reward when you draw much more people to God. So next time you say I am not a witch, consider if you are being wicked or not. A wicked person is a selfish person, a wicked person is proud, a wicked person hates his brother. A wicked person is mischievous. That brings me to my next sub.


This is a characteristics of a witch. A wicked witch hate people. You might say oh I am not a witch, but one you hate someone you are practicing witchcraft too. A person who hates his brother is a murderer, so also witches are killers. See you can’t say you are a believer when you hate. The Bible says that we should pray for our enemy right? Do you pray for someone you don’t love. That I am sure is for human beings and not for spirits if you understand what I mean. So the hatred you have for even your enemy can lead to his demise or yours all depending on the angle you see it. To be strong in the faith, you must reject hatred for even your enemy. The devil know this so he causes someone to offend you and makes the person to be hardened against you but that is a room for you to show the depth of love that Christ has. The final thing I will talk about is


A disobedient person has the characteristics of a witch and some people do it in so subtle a way that they deceive themselves the more. God uses his preacher to preach to us and a such we are meant to hid to there instruction, but you find many people Just doing there own thing. Just living there lives they way it seems good to them and not listening to the pastor. Sometimes I ask myself is it that this people don’t know that God is seeing them or it is just a way to prove themselves. Disobedience has eaten deep into the Church today. Many people call there pastors father, but in his back they are stabbing him with their words. Its only a witch that does that. And will face Judgement here on earth even before heaven. So please let’s tend our heart towards good tiding and working in the fullness of God’s wisdom and God will help us in Jesus name.

Enmity in the Church 3

*Enmity in the Church 3*
We have been looking at this topic and today I will like us to talk about the burden of death. One thing about enmity is that it in most cases leads to the death of one individual or the next. Many people don’t know why or how to go about the whole issue so they end up finding a chance to strike others it is simple. Enmity will lead to misunderstanding and that can result into death. There is a burden hanging around each arch enemy and that is the burden of death.

 *The burden of death*

I will like us to connect somethings together and thus we will be observing three sub topics the first is

 *The rivalry*

There is a serious rivalry in the Church. A lot of people don’t want any body to be better than them. There is a dimension of love that I practice, is it biblical yes, because our master Jesus practiced it. Loving your neighbour more than you love yourself. See it is very easy. If you are in love with someone am sure that that love causes you to be passionate enough to do anything. Jesus practiced that dimension of love on the cross. It is a great side of the love of God that lacks in the church today. I see a lot of people wanting to be this and that for themselves without actually considering others. Let me give you a scenario, a young man says he loves a lady and gets her pregnant outside matrimonial holiness. And he doesn’t consider whether she ends up having a fulfilled life or not and also doesn’t get to marry her in matrimony. I call that wickedness or love infatuation also I ones asked a lady, can you die for your husband and she couldn’t give me a straight answer and was beating about the bush. Truly if you love like Jesus loved and God did ofcos the Holy Spirit doesn’t have a choice but to love. Then you will prefer your neighbour above yourself and there will be no rivalry. Second thing to talk about is

 *Enemies within you* … For you to defeat this death that is on the verge of escalation in the church, you have to defeat the enemy within you. Which is yourself in collision with the devil. God has given us life and death. And we can choose any. Though there is a spiritual principle that states that at all time you are either controlled by God or the devil. But there is a vacuum opened for you as a person especially when you are still growing in faith. So to defeat the enemy within you, you have to learn to be dead to self. The more of self you have in you the more advantage you give to the enemy. The enemy can’t do you anything if you don’t allow him to. Like giving your life to Jesus is never by force. So also being controlled by the devil is not by force till you allow yourself to grow in satanism. satan biggest advantage is your weakness and ignorance. And that is the enemies you have within you plus your entire self. Finally I will like to talk about

 *The gates of hell* … Now this is a bit complicated but I will like you to listen very carefully. The gate of hell is the sponsors of many catastrophic happenings in the world today. Just as the kingdom of God is within you also the kingdom of the devil is within so many people and so is the gate of hell and it fights so many people cause the death of many even in the Church. Let me cheap something in. Whenever you hear that a person is dead in this life there is an aspect of faith that was not put into use. Either God permitted it or the devil took advantage of it. So enmity in the Church is sponsored by the gates of hell so also the burden of death.

Enmity in the Church 2

*Enmity in the Church 2*
There is a reason why it happens that its hard for the church to comprehend love for one another. The basic necessity for a good life lies in the power to love and be loved. Many times people are tempted beyond there space of handling things and thus they give up, even when it is impossible to. I want us to look at the topic Temptations as regard to the title of this message. How does enmity in the church correlates with temptation and vice versa.


This is one cause of enmity in the Church and under it we will be looking at 3 basic things.

1st is *The confused mind*… A confused mind is caused by temptation. Really it is impossible to stay focused when you are tempted many people want to stay upright and focused but because they are tempted, they literally don’t know what direction to face. A tempted person is one who stands in the gap of two boundaries, whether to go up or down or whether to go left or right. The worst thing that can happen to a person is to be a tempted fool. Many times there is no possible way to say when and where temptation will come, but if you don’t have solutions to it you will end up being frustrated. There is no way that you can stay focused in life if you continue to experience constant temptations. The way God has helped us is that we are not supposed to be tempted beyond our power. The way you know one is defeated is if the temptation in his life overwhelms him. Now to know whether there is enmity in the Church or not, one need to weigh the attitude of people towards temptation. A person that has a confused mind like I have seen in many cases ends up not getting it right with others. Only those who handle temptations with ease can easily get focused when tempted. Finally enmity in the church is caused by the inability of one to soak in temptations.

2nd thing I will write on is *The first temptations of Jesus* now I would have used trial. But that would cause a challenge. So this is the thing if Jesus wasn’t able to defeat the devil in His first temptation, He wouldn’t have been able to fulfil His destiny. Many times people have failed woefully in fighting temptations in the Church. Temptations comes to us in different ways. But if we refuse to fight it properly as we should we will continue to lament in lack and want. Do you need power like Jesus had. Then you must be able to overcome temptations like wise. For the church to remain as one the church will need to defeat temptation at its peak. Thanks.

Finally I will write about *stepping over temptation*… Its not very easy to do this but I will tell you what you can do. Now the devil as a thief he is has made it look like he owns the world. he literally has agent many places in human bodies. Now it is very possible for the devil to tempt you in the spirit but he manifests this more in the physical body.   I don’t know how else to put this. But people are not sure what is the reason for them being tempted so they fall victims of it. The devil was the subtle serpent in the beginning and he hasn’t change from being the tempter that he is. To overcome you need the following.

a.) Wisdom from God.

b.)The power of the fast.


With these tools you can tell the devil to sit down and he would obey because he is nothing but a mad boy. Anyways to conclude, never you underestimate the potential that you have hidden within you. You don’t serve a dead God but a living God. Who is ready to change your life. Thanks again and God bless you for reading. Will continue tomorrow

Enmity in the Church

*Enmity in the Church*
Matthew 13:25 KJV

But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

The essence of being a Christian is in your power to look at your neighbour with love. So many times it is obvious that we lack that in the house of God. People say with there mouth one thing and the next minute they begin to do another thing. The fire that kindles this Enmity lies in the refusal of people to love as they should. A love lost generation is the reason for a lot of troubles in the Church today. There is no way the Church can grow if it is on the verge of collapse by lack of love. The way we love the Church will determine what we see at the end of the day. So that is why I want us to look at the topic lost love and discus the reason why love is lost in the Church because it is one of the reasons for the enmity in the church.

 *Lost love: Reasons*

1.) *Misunderstanding of the Word*… I have noticed that many so called Christian have the problem of understanding the Word. While others understand it correctly, others understand it upside down. This has been a problem and might continue until people get to become one with the Word of God. The Word of God is a Word that gives understanding in many ways. But the understanding is not meant to lead to confusion. Just because we see things differently in the Scripture does not mean that we are to fight each other. There is a way God does His things that does not cause a fight or war. The time of Solomon was signified with peace all around him. It is possible to have a single church with everyone working properly as they should. The arch enemy of God has planted misunderstanding in the lives of so many people in the Church, that they do not understand themselves. The word understanding is deep, and it means assimilation in another dimension of the spirit realm. If there is an understanding between two people, then there won’t be need for lack of love or fight or tension. In every understanding that God gives, the devil gives the same level of misunderstanding, it now takes power to defeat him. To understand the Word well you have to believe first and also decide that you want to. Also work towards it and pay the necessary price for understanding.

2.) *Trying to make a point* …. This is another way of saying malice. The words are deep to describe this. But many people just because they want to show off, will do all manner of thing to make a point. You see God doesn’t bless you to make a point, He blesses you to be blessings to others. Doesn’t matter how different you have lived your life, doesn’t matter who is before you. You don’t need to prove a point but to be a help to others. People don’t give you things or expect you to give them things because they are willing to in most cases, they do so because they are lead to. Don’t always think anyone is better than you or that you can’t do any better. Those who try to prove a point always end up frustrated. To kill someone for instance only brings a curse to you. Whatever you do outside the leading of God have great consequences. People have resolved to seeing that they put all there energy and resources in proving that they are who they think they are. If truly you have Jesus. You won’t struggle to prove any point, you will allow Jesus to fight your battles for you.

3.) *Overtaking*… Some people want to practise this word physically instead of spiritually, they call it all kinds of names too. It is a big pity that this is happening in the church. No one trust the other person. Have you noticed the other religion they are always do things together, the don’t have the problem of who worships where or whether this mosque is bigger than this. When you make overtaking physical it become rivalry. The church would not reach its destination with rivalry. Many times I wonder what kind of people are in the Church… Continues tomorrow