So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Your contact with the Word of God brings you into contact with faith. What happens when you come in contact with the Word? You arrive at faith from the word. Faith is a product of the word.From the Word, faith is arrived at.Faith is the switch of power. In the natural, just like you turn on the switch and light comes on, in the spiritual realm also, when you turn faith on, power is turned on.

By the time you continuously study this word of God, it begins to supply revelation to you. that is, you begin to see things in the Bible- things you never saw before. the study of the Word will bring you understanding, revelation and conviction. Revelation leads to conviction and conviction leads to declarations.

Conviction supplied you declaration, and declaration makes you to begin to put up some actions, whose outcome are results and supernatural manifestations.Because what you believe has changed, the way you behave will change also. So, what you become must change. i see God changing your life today.


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