Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. MARK 9:23

There are certain things we need to note about depression.

The first is that depression is the doorway to the destruction of destiny. It is not when people are excited that they commit suicide, it is when they are depressed. At times people go mad when they are depressed. Depression is a major medical illness; it is a psychiatric condition. When a person agrees to sink into Depression, he or she has surrendered their life to destruction.

Anytime you surrender your life to the spirit of depression, you are inviting destruction directly or indirectly. Don’t do it. Depression is a major sponsor of oppression. Depression opens the door for oppression because demons and satan are at work whenever depression is found. that is actually what the do, to torment people, ‘The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…’ John 10:10

Secondly, Depression frustrates discretion and reasoning. Whenever a person is depressed, his or her reasoning pathway are blocked. He or she lacks the capacity to find solution, too depressed to think about a solution. The person is too depressed to think about a way out, cause the mind is blocked and thus cannot reason.

Finally, depression decreases momentum. A depressed person is a tired person. He sleeps tired and wakes up tired. Waking up in the morning is a battle because his energy is gone. While an enthusiastic person gains momentum; he is energetically vibrant. The man who sees possibilities, and believes that all things are possible, who believes that when you are down to nothing, God is up to something, believes that the end of the game is not the end of the day and in his adversity he says,‘Rejoice not against me oh my enemy, for even when i fall, i shall rise again.’ (Micah 7:8) such a man has wings under his feet because with that energy, he has alacrity and audaciousness. I believe that as you read this that your coming out of every depressive condition, in the Name of Jesus.

Always keep this to mind, When your life is heavy, your flight in life can never be easy because the wind cannot not move heavy objects. GOD BLESS YOU.



  1. I’d have been reading your blogs for a few weeks now and they are thought provoking to say the least. You do not have anything in your about page, and I would like to know more about you and your background. Are you a pastor, student, lay minister? How did you come to know Christ, What is the purpose of your blog? You are a good writer, and some of your words could be a little controversial in my humble opinion.

    For example, in this post, you seem to tell the reader to just get out of depression, but don’t tell them how, If you are going to follow up with a piece to do that, you should let us know. I used to feel this way – just get over it. But as I matured in Christ, I realized that depression is a real problem for people, and hard to get rid of. It is rooted in pride and people have to recognize that before they can attempt to recover. Only God can reveal pride to a person. I am not in depression, but I know some who are, and it is a real burden.

    So I’d really appreciate knowing more about you. Could you get that on your About page?

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  2. Wow, OK sir am glad to hear this, will try to improve on the writing, but I am a minister of the gospel, and I do draw my inspiration from the teaching of my pastor. Pastor Doctor Paul Enenche.
    I have learnt a lot under him over the years and he has helped my spiritual life. Actually the depression topic is a series so is all other topic on this blog.it is like an introduction, the rest of it is yet to come, there is so much about depression that can actually write a voluminous book. But if you should know, I will write sometimes later on the solution, which among them is praise, joy and a merry heart.
    The aim of this blog is to spread the good news, in short articles so I don’t bore my users. Its a blog on free plan so I guess that apart from am not experienced in building blogs it has little features.
    Thanks for the admonishment I will try to improve on the content please continue reading the blog and do feel free to tell me my wrongs cause we learn everyday.
    I guess there is a lot to say but I will sure do something about my about page. God bless you sir, I appreciate


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