And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him. And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town;… MARK 8:22-23

I have discovered that God never does important things with a person whose life is too crowded. Our anchor Scripture says, ‘He took him out of town.’Out of town means out of the people, out of the popular, out of the generality. Before God could change Jacob’s name to Israel in Genesis 32:24, he was left alone. Before God could do anything important with Abraham in Genesis 12, He said,’come out of your father’s house, kindred and country.’ Before God could do anything important with Moses, He took Moses from the palace of Pharaoh to the wilderness and then to the backside of the desert.

Anybody who is not willing to be led out of town and his kindred, is not yet ready for the touch of God. Does it mean that the power of God was not powerful enough to heal the man where He met him? No, the Power is the same but the location was wrong. Beloved, the reason why God has not done what He wants with some of us is because our lives are too crowded. We want to belong to the crowd, do what is popular, and God is saying, ‘If you want me to touch you and anoint you, you must come out of the crowd.

‘The time will come when you can no longer go in the same direction with your friends and even with your family.’ Not that they are your enemies but your level of consecration demands a separation. For some people, the coming out may not necessarily be physical. It could be emotional, spiritual, or mental. Somebody may need to resign from a particular job or leave a particular neighborhood. Sometimes, to move to a higher level of anointing, you may need to move from former levels of placements, contacts, relationships, associations, and mindset. You have to leave a level before you can move to another level. And always remember this, God cannot give you new instructions until you have obeyed   His last instruction.


6 thoughts on “LEAVE THE CROWD

  1. Great insight! I never caught that part of the story, “led him out of town”. It truly is God’s way of getting us away from the stuff so that we can be just with Him, and then HE does His best work!


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