And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. Genesis 2:22

Creation was incomplete without the woman. There always will exist a vacuum on earth without the woman. There will always exist a vacuum in the life of a man without the active role of the woman, as long as the woman is not involved something is missing. It can be better with the woman. The creation of the woman provoked the reaction of the enemy. Gen 2:24-25; 3. When God created the animals satan kept quite, when God created only the man satan kept quiet. But when God created woman satan reacted. As powerful as man was the devil did not move at his creation. But immediately woman was created the devil moved. Because of the threat that the creation of  the woman posed on the devil, that is why attack on women are plenty worldwide. The devil fears the institution of a man and a woman. But he is not against the institution of man and man or woman and woman cause he invented that. Any woman playing with her marital harmony is playing with her destiny.

The maternity side of God is located in the woman. The side of God that give birth to things. It looks like the womb of God are located in the woman. As powerful as men are they can’t give birth to things. As powerful as the medical profession is, imaging the hospital operating without nurses? The doctors will resign. And the nursing profession came with  a woman Florence, and with it came the medical profession. God gives birth to a people and purpose via a woman. From Genesis to revelation, the purpose of God is either giving birth to, preserved or protected by the woman. Example the covenant linage of Abraham. Rebecca had two boys. The woman noticed that one had better potential, as far as Isaac was concerned Esau was the candidate for the blessing. Esau who sold his birth right.

Rebecca had to intervene, though the action looked crooked but the motive was accurate. That was how the leanage of the convenant was preserved. To be blind and deaf and dumb spiritually as a woman is an abomination.  Another woman in the Bible is Jokabed the mother of Moses. In her days children where being killed in Egypt.  EXOD 6:20. They didn’t want them to become anything. The mother saw that he was a goodly child, but the father saw nothing.  The father was just a husband available to produce children. In the case of the Shunamite woman, it was the woman who went to meet prophet Elisha to come raise their child from the dead, left for the father the child would have been dead

It was Miriam who stayed under the sun watching over Moses, who was the destiny of a generation, and also another woman came, in the name of pharaoh daughter to come rescue the child. If it were a man, he might have gone his way. What would have become of Moses if not the women in his life, what would have become the destiny of Israel, if Moses life was not preserved. Women must rise up and say, I am going to fulfill destiny, am going to be who God wants me to be, am going to help preserve and nurture the destiny of a generation.



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