And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him: and he became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men. 1 SAMUEL 22:2

LOVE makes people risk there life in other to rescue the lives of others, when David decided to confront goliath it was a risk, he was not planning to achieve anything personal. A young man 17 years old decided to fight a war hero from his youth. A gaint of collosial dimension, and he was able to die, but he was going to save them. How many of you know, we live in a world where people are not ready to take risk for anything. And for that matter those, who  are going to take any risk at all, will take the risk for themselves.  But it is very rare in the world we live in for a man, a woman to risk his life for the sake of another.  That is the GOD kind of LOVE. And that was what David did.

LOVE will make you a fighter, a fighter for the course of the oppressed. A fighter for the course of the humiliated. That is what David did, why should they leave this man alone that is humiliating our people like this. He will make you a fighter for oppression, for the course of the oppressed and the humiliated. A fighter after the order of a man called martin luther king junior. At the time martin luther king gave his speak in 1963, august 28. On the steps of licon memorial in washinton D.C. He was already a very popular man. He was already a nobel price winner, He was already fellowshipping with presidents of nations. He was already doing well in everywhere,  he didn’t need popularity anymore, he didn’t need anything anymore. But he was fighting, I have a dream, I have a dream, I have a dream, I have a dream. That one day the sons of former slaves, and the sons of former slaves masters, will seat at the table of brotherhood, and they will not be judged by the colour of there skin but by the content of there character. I have a dream today, I have a dream today that one day my four little daughters will live in a country where they are, where they are not judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of there character. I have a dream today. He was not looking for fame, there was love inside him, causing to fight oppression. When you live in the realm where you fight for the oppressed, you come to a point where you will have no battle to fight for yourself.

LOVE makes you to give help when you need help yourself. 1Samuel 22:2. After David killed goliath and saul was looking for him, saul became intimidated, agitated, by the rise of David, he wanted to kill David by all means. And David was hiding in strong hold, the BIBLE said some people came to him. Everyone that was in distress, everyone that was in debt, everyone that was discontented. They gathered themselves unto him and he became a captain over them. And there with him about 400 men. Where would he get food for from? Hear this, I am on the run for my life, any day saul could hit me, I don’t even know my future right now, and yet people who had more problem than himself, people that creditors where pursuing, in debt, in distress,  house rent they couldn’t pay. discontented, they gathered themselves around him, instead of saying leave me alone, am looking for who will save me, he gathered them around him and became there captain.


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