… There are three that bears record in Heaven, the father, the word and the spirit (paraphrased) 1 JOHN 5:7

JESUS IS GOD is a very good word to note, JESUS was made flesh and God at the same time, He was even before the beginning of the world. JESUS Loves you and would like you to make heaven. Try to give Him all of you. might assure you, its not going to be easy at first, but with time it will be. It is easy to have JESUS to live inside of you. why dont you ask Him to help retrace your steps. expecially when you know your life is not as beautiful as it should be. consequently. God is interested in your spirit soul and body, allow Him to control every of your actions, and it will be all well with you.



Acts chapter 1 from verse 1; 2

sometime it is really funny to note that people are still waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ, but i can rest assure you that Jesus has come back even a long time ago. lets do a little calculation, if Jesus is God, and God is one, and the Holy Spirit is God, then Jesus is back already when He sent the Holy spirit to the apostles, so you see, Jesus has come already and will ascend in the sky with the righteous only. Rapture also might have taking place also, when Jesus ascended into Heaven Heaven.

We have no time again, either you surrender to Jesus or you die and go to hell. GOD BLESS YOU ALL