Power to prevail 2

*Power to prevail 2*
After describing the meaning of power to prevail. The next thing to note is how to obtain that power, how do you obtain this power I am talking about. After all said and done if you do not know how to obtain this power its a wasted effort indeed. Stay put and read carefully the words of this message.

 *How to obtain the power to prevail.*

1.) Through prayers… You must have heard this many times but its still good you hear it again. Everything in heaven respond to prayers made here on earth. The efficient prayer of a righteous man availeth much. When Jesus prayed and His countenance changed that is Him getting in contact with power. While Jacob was wrestling that was a form of prayer. And he prevailed and got power through it. Every one in the Bible who ever walked in power where all people of prayers. They more you pray, they more you interact with the Spirit who gives power. Praying with the Word of God and praying in the spirit generates a lot of power. For you to obtain power you have to pray to God, nothing comes from God when you don’t ask it of Him, so, invade you need power pray for it and you will receive it, having all other spiritual parameters intact you will receive it.

2.) Through desperation… A desperate spirit was one thing Jacob had, because of his desperation he got both blessing and power. He never asked for power but he got that through desperation. God saw through his desperation that if he was giving power he will manage it well. Desperation is key to receiving anything from God. It is very important. When you are desperate God knows that you are serious. A desperate heart will do all what is needful to get what he needs and God loves such people. Jacob might not have known this man he fought with, but something in him said he should not let him go, even when he didn’t know him. Desperation will make you go the extra mile in order to achieve your dreams and your aspiration in this case power to prevail. Desperation changes everything, desperation leads to expectation and expectations to answers.

3.) Through fasting… Fasting remains a major source of power. If you must obtain power you must know how to fast, it is a perquisite for power. Check any powerful man of God or any person powerful spiritually they know how to fast and they have a regular fasting schedule. To fast is to fasting your spirit, when you start feeling light then the spirit starts feeling heavy. Fasting is a mystery but it works. When you fast you tell the Holy Spirit that you though a man can do without food for some time and you are proven the word of God to be true which says man shall not live by bread alone. Fasting opens you into the spirit realm and grants you access into spiritual revelations. Have it occurred to you that the man Jacob wrestled might have been a spirit and that of all certainty Jacob was on a fast because food will be the last thing on his mind when he is in a cross road with death. So it is possible he has been translated into the realm of the spirit to have seen and wrestled that man. Fasting is a powerful tool, it grants us supernatural power to do powerful things in the realm of the spirit.

4.) Through the word of God… Now Jacob life was transformed through the Word of God that came from God via the man he wrestled. The Word of God is the container of power, if only you can locate that particular word that is meant for you then your life won’t remain the same. If only you can get God to speak into your life like He spoke into Jacob’s life. The Word of God was what created the universe. Except you didn’t hear it clearly but if you did congrats because your life will never remain the same.

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Power to prevail

*Power to prevail*
Genesis 32:28 KJV

And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

We are starting a new series today, someday I will write on power but I am lead to write on this particular topic. So we will start by describing what power to prevail is all about, then we will move into other matters that concerns this topic. Stay put and read carefully the words of this message

 *Describing power to prevail*

1.) The power that makes you leave your present condition to the next level… Jacob was in the same level until he encountered that power and his name changed from Jacob to Israel. There was a shift of level that night. He stopped being a servant and became a master at the frequency of that power, it was possible that he could have been defeated again and become a slave again but that didn’t happen. God vindicated him. By that power more prosperity came, he began to experience unusual blessings. Blessings from above. His level changed, he had more peace with his life than he ordinarily will. Maybe nothing is working positively in your life but if you should come in contact with this power, things will begin to change. The troubles that have held you bound for long will release you. Maybe you have been relegated to the background, this is the power you need to get to the front. This power will make people who know you before amazed when they see you again. The power will destroy any satanic power and put you in the front.

2.) The power that makes opposition to bow for you… This power makes your opposition and enemies to fear you and respect you, when Esau met Jacob all he did was to bow, hug him and cry there was no fight at all. This power leaves your enemies asking questions instead of fighting you. They want to know what you did. This power brings the enemy under your foot, you just need to encounter it. This power silences your enemy, it makes them frustrated. This power gives you respect even among your enemy. They just don’t know what to do with you any longer. It a power that gives you peace among your enemies the kind that Solomon had in the Bible. For you to make your opposition bow for you, you need this power.

3.) The power that commands the blessing… This power was what brought about the blessing of Jacob. If this power was not available the blessing wouldn’t have manifested. Jacob was blessed but with a curse of labouring, he took the blessing and right of another. So there was a confrontation to the blessing, not until he encountered power. Power moves you like a rocket you move with speed and scatter any thing in your way. The lack of power is the reason for the plight of so many today, they lack power to prevail so they remain in the same position for a very long time. You encounter power, then you can rule, you encounter power then you can abode properly, you become fragile and lethargic when you don’t have power. Your wisdom makes sense with power, your wealth makes sense with power and gift including the blessing makes better sense with power. So Jacob encountered power that he could continually command the blessing to his abode.

4.) The power of a change of story… Anyone who knew Jacob before will know something changed about him when he arrived at his final destination. He had peace and there was no struggle anymore. If he wasn’t free we would still have heard that he had more troubles when he arrived back to Canaan, but his story was different. There was no cause for alarm, God had visited him and has made his life beautiful. Those who have this power have encountered God and when God turns around your captivity, I don’t think anybody or force or being can turn it back.

separation unto God 4

*Separation unto God 4*


As the series comes to an end with this particular episode, I will like you to understand the characteristics of a separated life. What are the attributes of a separated life, when a life is separated what does it amount to as in how do the person behave. A separated person is different from an ordinary person in so many ways. So we will be looking at that today, read carefully the words of this message.

 *Characteristics of a life separated unto God*

1.) Success minded… Now there is something about those separated by God, they don’t want to be failures. They believe God can change their lives so they are always cautious of that fact. They see the success from a distance and they can picture it. And if being Holy will take them there they desire to remain holy. I am saying this for those who are separated already, this is how they think. We know already that the future is bright and we will do all that is in our power to posses it. So being success minded also means not giving up on your decision to be separated from God. You have made a firm decision to always stay put to God no matter what. That is one of the meaning of kingdom success mindedness.

2.) Singleness of purpose… You should know as a separated for different purpose. Like mine is to write and preach in an apostolic office, your could be to sing and entertain people in the Lord. Don’t ever envy the next person in his or her office, just focus on yours, you will always find out that in such offices there are very great persons and you can be like that too or even better. Discover your call and how to remain in your calling. Don’t jump the bridge, and be patient with God because He is never in a hurry. Being of a single purpose entails you separating yourself completely from worldly things and even people who are not in line with your purpose. The more you pursue your purpose they more you find out that you will be separated from so many things just to arrive at your God giving purpose. Distraction is the enemy of purpose in life, don’t allow yourself to be distracted at all. And distraction comes many times when you have not really separated yourself. You can be on the mounting top and meet distraction, it is more when you are around people, most people called in the Bible where separated many times so they can focus on God and God can focus on them. So to have a single purpose you must be separated and separated people have singleness of purpose.

3.) Never busy for God… A separated life is never busy for God, he or she is always inline with God’s plans and purpose for the earth. He or she won’t say that I have so much activities so I can’t do this work for God. He or she won’t give excuses why not to do the work of God, most times you find the person they are in the vine yard of God doing the work of God without delay. They are not asked or begged or cajoled to do the work of God. They are ever ready to work in the kingdom of God. Separated people knows that their very existence is to serve the Lord. And thus they do all that is in there power to accomplish this. They are always having the mind of the kingdom of God in them.

4.) Heavenly minded… The kingdom of heaven is there number one priority, because it profits you nothing to gain the whole world and loose your soul. They know this so they do all they can possible to avoid this tragedy. Anything that will make you loose heaven at the end of the day is not of God. And that means you didn’t really separate yourself. To be yielded to God is to be separated to God and to be separated is to be heavenly minded. 

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Separation unto God 3

*Separation unto God 3*
Now that we have learnt the meaning of separation unto God and how we can separate, it is good we know the benefits of separation unto God, when we separate, what do we tend to derive from it. What happens when you must have separated yourself from God

 *Benefits of separation unto God*

1.) Holiness and uprightness… When you separate yourself unto God, you become holy. The things that pleases the people of the world seizes to please you. You are focused and because you are drawn closer to God, you become like Him. Holiness is gotten from being yielded unto God. The more you are yielded the more you are Holy. Holy people are separated people, they shun evil and perversion. Anything that is not of God does not please them. When you take a break from the world to sanctify yourself, you find out that with time sin begins to irritate you, bad examples begins to irritate you, you are no longer disposed to ordinary things and carnal things but Godly things. So separation unto God brings about holiness and to be holy you need to separate yourself.

2.) God’s presence… When you separate yourself, God begins to take you serious, then you can attract His presence. It takes separation to attract God’s presence. When you are busy for God you hardly get His presence, but when you are sold out to God, His presence becomes very easy to access. The presence of God roams around those who have made their lives a living sacrifice and that means separation. Separation draws God’s presence to you. God presence is found around people who knows how to keep themselves for God.

3.) Hearing from God… To be able to hear from God you need to be separated. Separation makes you hear what God has install for you. You can’t crowd yourself with the things of the world and expect to hear from God, its not possible. In this part I will briefly talk about location. Now location matters, where you are located per time determines if you will hear from God or not. If you are located at the wrong place at the right time that is a problem you won’t hear from God. Watch your location if really you want to be hearing from God. If God is not leading you to a person for instance don’t go and meet that person, if not you will be embarrassed at the outcome. So like I was saying separation to the things of God, separation unto prayer and fasting, separation unto Word study. Separation brings about hearing from God. If you haven’t heard from God before separate yourself unto God and you will.

4.) Spiritual vibrancy… To have a strong spirit and a fervent one which can repel the weapons of the enemy you need separation unto God. If you are weak in the spirit you need to separate yourself and reconnect to God. Spiritual vibrancy is moulded from a seriously relationship with God. To be vibrant in the spirit you need to tell yourself that you no longer do certain things other people do. Because we are created differently, what we do to get yourself vibrant is a little bit different all depending on your calling, like a gospel musicians need music more than a pastor or an apostle. So for you to come to a point where you have a strong spirit you must understand the importance of staying with God

5.) Open heaven… When you separate yourself unto God the heavens are opened. Jesus our saviour separated Himself many times in scriptures and the out come of His life is amazing, we need to learn to separate our self if we want to walk under open heavens like Jesus did. Open heavens are for special people and special people are the once who separated themselves unto God. 

Separation unto God 2

*Separation unto God 2*
The meaning of separation has been defined, now we need to look at how one can separate Him or Herself. For you to be separated you need to know how to separate. It is quiet related to the meaning of separation unto God. But it differs in many ways. 

 *How to separate yourself unto God*

1.) By taking responsibility of the things of God… Taking responsibility means being in charge of the things of God. You are dedicated to the work of God, you do the work of God like no mans business. Where ever you are found you are doing the work of God, you don’t give excuses for the work of God, you are sorry when you are not doing the work of God. The work of God excites you. You take responsibility by doing the work of God in the house of God. That is one way to separate yourself. Once you start to do that, you wont know when you are completely separated from the world. And the things of the world.

2.) By being yielded to God… Related to the first but not the first. Being yielded means being ready for God’s use. God wants to use you but you need to make yourself available, you need to break loose from all form of worldliness to be yielded to God. God will use you more if you are yielded to Him. The more you are yielded to God the more you are separated unto God. Come to the point of yieldedness that God does not do anything without informing you of what He is doing around your life.

3.) Constant decision to separate from darkness… Light and darkness don’t go hand in hand for you to be separated unto God, you need to be separated from darkness, anything of the devil, any of his properties or characteristics is darkness. You have to cautiously and continually separate yourself from darkness. Knowing fully well that relationship with hell will cost you your inheritance in the kingdom of God. Darkness is the greatest enemy of light. Try your best to separate yourself from sin, it kills and it destroys. 

4.) Setting kingdom goals… People have all sort of goals in life, but the one that matters a lot is kingdom goals. If you will make it in this life, kingdom goals should be your priority. My goal for instance is to get this write up to you every single day. What are your goals. A goalless life is a useless life. You wake up in the morning and the first thing in your mind is to catch fun, eat drink and talk all day long. And nothing for God is included in your days schedule that life is goalless and that can only lead to a destruction of life. Please set kingdom goals and try to meet your goals. Meet as in fulfill your goals. I am emphasising on this goals because it is very important. Once you can meet your kingdom goals, you automatically will be separated to God, you won’t have time for unnecessary free foliates.

5.) By relying on God for everything… When you come to the point whereby you look totally unto God for everything then you have started making progress in separation. When you ask God for everything and never say in your mind that you will ask your father or your mother or a friend, then you are gradually separating yourself towards God. When you seek God’s face before you do anything, then you are separating yourself. To be heavenly minded is to consider God the center of your life and to seek His face in everything

Separation unto God

*Separation unto God*
Psalm 90:12 KJV

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

I have discovered that most people are too busy for God. They have surrounded there lives with activities that they don’t have time for God anymore. Others have relegated God to a corner. Whereby they serve Him once in a while. While others don’t serve God at all. See the only way you can be successful in life is if you make your self totally yielded to God. God is looking for true worshippers. In this life you need separation unto God if God will ever use you as a vessel to do His Works. Do you want to be used as a vessel unto God. Then you have to separate yourself unto God. In this series, first we will be looking at what it means to be separated from God, then we will look at how you separate yourself and then the benefits of separation. I urge you to stay put and read carefully the words of this message.

 *Meaning of separation unto God*

1.) To leave personal pleasures for God’s touch… To leave everything that gives you pleasure, just for some time and period and chase after God. Personal pleasures might come from a TV program, a particular place you use to visit, the job that you do and so on. Take time away from those things and decide that you will seek God. Pleasures on earth wouldn’t end but God time for your redemption might end. Your destiny can be fur fitted. All those things that give you little pleasures can be fur fitted for sometime. As the Bible will have it there is time for everything. And thus time to pursue after God. Seek God while He can still be found. If ever you want to be used by God, you must learn how to leave personal pleasures for His touch. God does not do anything with over busy people. Instead He does serious things with people who leave virtually everything to follow Him. And He is ready to give you a touch, if only you will make yourself yielded to Him. Personal pleasure gives you earthly satisfaction but heavenly satisfaction comes from seeking the Lord.

2.) To die completely to the things of the world… This part is very difficult for most people who wants to serve both God and Mammon. If you want to be used by God through separation, you have to say no to this world and the things in it. The things in this world are all deceptions by the enemy to ruin the lives of most people. Dying to the world means disconnecting yourself from the world, it means not doing things the way the world does things. If the world says to lie is OK for instance, you disagree that it is not. To die to the world means setting spiritual standards for yourself that do not conform to the world standard. Decide today that you are not of the world and you are being separated unto God. Let none of the things of the world move you, let not the cars, nor the houses nor the clothes move you, but let only the things of God move you.

3.) To be sold out to God… God is looking for who to send. If you haven’t separated yourself you can’t be sent. When you come to the point that you see God in everything you do, you are only pleased by what pleases God. Then you are separated. When you are always on assignment for God. When what borders you is what borders God. Then you are separated. When you are connected to God in a special way not as every other person is connected to Him. When you do God’s work without sweat. 

Kingdom service 4

*Kingdom service 4*

We have discussed on the definition of kingdom service, the attributes of a kingdom server, the benefits of kingdom service, now we will look at acceptable service. There is a way to serve God that will make it acceptable, if you serve Him in a way that is different from that, you are literally on your own. Some people are serving God in a way that God is not aware of their service. What makes service acceptable?.
*Acceptable service*
1.) Service with the instructions of God… When God instructs and you carry out that instruction, then you are doing an acceptable service, if God instructs and you do order wise you are not serving God acceptably. Instructions might come from various means, from the Bible, from your pastor, in your dream and so on. Provided it is coming from God it should be adhered to. God instructions makes service effective, you might have decided to do service in a particular way but God can come in and change the pattern for you, and you need to do as God says in order to see results. God’s instructions carries power and direction, if you adhere to it you will have a lot of breakthroughs.
2.) Service with sacrifice… God is a God that loves sacrifice, they more sacrifice you give unto God the better, sacrifice makes God excited, it is a sweet savour unto the Lord. A sacrificial service is most acceptable to God. Woe is him who is at ease in Zion. Let your body, your resources feel that you are serving God. When you sacrifice you provoke God into action in your life and in your ministry. Sacrifice of your time and your energy also. If you are relaxed serving God, you need to check it very well, something might be wrong some where. There must be a little bit of intensity in your serving God for there to be results.
3.) Service with spiritual fervency… A kingdom service not done with fervency of spirit is a service to be questioned, there must be vibrancy in the spirit, to check against every form of opposition by the enemy, where a person is not vibrant in the spirit, the devil sees the person as easy meat. You have to be fervent with fire. Always serious with the things of God not joking with service, If you want to see results. Any body who is not fervent in the spirit, is actually fighting a lost battle, because your fervency determines if you win a battle or not. For you to do much in kingdom service, you need to, be tough spiritually, that goes for your prayer, praise,fasting, word life and etc.
4.) A service against the wiles of the devil… The devices of the devil are numerous, and so your service to God, is a service against the devil, any service not done considering the devil as an arch enemy of God, is not a genuine service, A service that will oppress and disgrace the devil, that is an acceptable service. When the devil comes in one way, you are able to make him flee in seven ways that is an acceptable service. A service that strategize war against the devil and his agents, the devil won’t give up on you, so also you won’t give up on your fight against him. The fight of faith is a tough fight, it keeps on ragging until you are dead and leave this world, at times you feel you are winning at times you don’t feel so, but either ways you have to keep fighting, God has provided you with all you need for the fight, he has giving you the weapon, all you need now is to fight.