My name is Jonathan, Born in Northern Nigeria though my origin is from the East. I have a lovely family of seven, four brothers and a married sister. I am single, not married yet, but i guess that will happen in a few years from now. Have my bachelor degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka on Zoology and Environmental Biology, so you can guess I love animals a lot.

Haven’t done much on writing in the past but i believe there is a new beginning for everything . I have a lot of passion for the things of God, love spending time in His presence. I am a minister of the gospel not called yet into any of the five fold ministries but by the grace of God i do have some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in me, which has also being an inspiration to me, and has helped in the work of the Lord.

I wasn’t always a good guy, once upon a time I lived a very rough life, I could almost be likened to an atheist cause at a point i didn’t even believe that God existed, well i guess God was just counting my days for me. though i was brought up in a Christian home, I had never had a personal encounter with Christ, not until my sinful life style lead me into a terminal illness, which was only cured by God. it was a miracle.

It is very important that you should know my pastor,teacher,mentor, and role model his name is Doctor. Pastor Paul Enenche, the senior pastor of Dunamis Internertional Gospel Center, a genuine man of God, who teaches a balanced message of the Kingdom of God. So you have seen nothing yet.

The aim of this blog is actually to write short stories and articles, on teachings from the Word of God. always know this, no one knows it all and you cant stop learning about the things of God till you die, if you must grow spiritually and otherwise you need to take in the Word of God every day. and I believe you will learn new things about His word here often. And if you have heard it before, well its always good to have your mind renewed.

I guess there is a lot to write , but I will end with this, ‘it pays to serve the LORD’. Please feel free to criticize any article you feel is not well put. You can always contact me via my email azodejcm@gmail.com God bless you.


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