Enmity in the Church 2

*Enmity in the Church 2*
There is a reason why it happens that its hard for the church to comprehend love for one another. The basic necessity for a good life lies in the power to love and be loved. Many times people are tempted beyond there space of handling things and thus they give up, even when it is impossible to. I want us to look at the topic Temptations as regard to the title of this message. How does enmity in the church correlates with temptation and vice versa.


This is one cause of enmity in the Church and under it we will be looking at 3 basic things.

1st is *The confused mind*… A confused mind is caused by temptation. Really it is impossible to stay focused when you are tempted many people want to stay upright and focused but because they are tempted, they literally don’t know what direction to face. A tempted person is one who stands in the gap of two boundaries, whether to go up or down or whether to go left or right. The worst thing that can happen to a person is to be a tempted fool. Many times there is no possible way to say when and where temptation will come, but if you don’t have solutions to it you will end up being frustrated. There is no way that you can stay focused in life if you continue to experience constant temptations. The way God has helped us is that we are not supposed to be tempted beyond our power. The way you know one is defeated is if the temptation in his life overwhelms him. Now to know whether there is enmity in the Church or not, one need to weigh the attitude of people towards temptation. A person that has a confused mind like I have seen in many cases ends up not getting it right with others. Only those who handle temptations with ease can easily get focused when tempted. Finally enmity in the church is caused by the inability of one to soak in temptations.

2nd thing I will write on is *The first temptations of Jesus* now I would have used trial. But that would cause a challenge. So this is the thing if Jesus wasn’t able to defeat the devil in His first temptation, He wouldn’t have been able to fulfil His destiny. Many times people have failed woefully in fighting temptations in the Church. Temptations comes to us in different ways. But if we refuse to fight it properly as we should we will continue to lament in lack and want. Do you need power like Jesus had. Then you must be able to overcome temptations like wise. For the church to remain as one the church will need to defeat temptation at its peak. Thanks.

Finally I will write about *stepping over temptation*… Its not very easy to do this but I will tell you what you can do. Now the devil as a thief he is has made it look like he owns the world. he literally has agent many places in human bodies. Now it is very possible for the devil to tempt you in the spirit but he manifests this more in the physical body.   I don’t know how else to put this. But people are not sure what is the reason for them being tempted so they fall victims of it. The devil was the subtle serpent in the beginning and he hasn’t change from being the tempter that he is. To overcome you need the following.

a.) Wisdom from God.

b.)The power of the fast.


With these tools you can tell the devil to sit down and he would obey because he is nothing but a mad boy. Anyways to conclude, never you underestimate the potential that you have hidden within you. You don’t serve a dead God but a living God. Who is ready to change your life. Thanks again and God bless you for reading. Will continue tomorrow


Enmity in the Church

*Enmity in the Church*
Matthew 13:25 KJV

But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

The essence of being a Christian is in your power to look at your neighbour with love. So many times it is obvious that we lack that in the house of God. People say with there mouth one thing and the next minute they begin to do another thing. The fire that kindles this Enmity lies in the refusal of people to love as they should. A love lost generation is the reason for a lot of troubles in the Church today. There is no way the Church can grow if it is on the verge of collapse by lack of love. The way we love the Church will determine what we see at the end of the day. So that is why I want us to look at the topic lost love and discus the reason why love is lost in the Church because it is one of the reasons for the enmity in the church.

 *Lost love: Reasons*

1.) *Misunderstanding of the Word*… I have noticed that many so called Christian have the problem of understanding the Word. While others understand it correctly, others understand it upside down. This has been a problem and might continue until people get to become one with the Word of God. The Word of God is a Word that gives understanding in many ways. But the understanding is not meant to lead to confusion. Just because we see things differently in the Scripture does not mean that we are to fight each other. There is a way God does His things that does not cause a fight or war. The time of Solomon was signified with peace all around him. It is possible to have a single church with everyone working properly as they should. The arch enemy of God has planted misunderstanding in the lives of so many people in the Church, that they do not understand themselves. The word understanding is deep, and it means assimilation in another dimension of the spirit realm. If there is an understanding between two people, then there won’t be need for lack of love or fight or tension. In every understanding that God gives, the devil gives the same level of misunderstanding, it now takes power to defeat him. To understand the Word well you have to believe first and also decide that you want to. Also work towards it and pay the necessary price for understanding.

2.) *Trying to make a point* …. This is another way of saying malice. The words are deep to describe this. But many people just because they want to show off, will do all manner of thing to make a point. You see God doesn’t bless you to make a point, He blesses you to be blessings to others. Doesn’t matter how different you have lived your life, doesn’t matter who is before you. You don’t need to prove a point but to be a help to others. People don’t give you things or expect you to give them things because they are willing to in most cases, they do so because they are lead to. Don’t always think anyone is better than you or that you can’t do any better. Those who try to prove a point always end up frustrated. To kill someone for instance only brings a curse to you. Whatever you do outside the leading of God have great consequences. People have resolved to seeing that they put all there energy and resources in proving that they are who they think they are. If truly you have Jesus. You won’t struggle to prove any point, you will allow Jesus to fight your battles for you.

3.) *Overtaking*… Some people want to practise this word physically instead of spiritually, they call it all kinds of names too. It is a big pity that this is happening in the church. No one trust the other person. Have you noticed the other religion they are always do things together, the don’t have the problem of who worships where or whether this mosque is bigger than this. When you make overtaking physical it become rivalry. The church would not reach its destination with rivalry. Many times I wonder what kind of people are in the Church… Continues tomorrow

The protocol of a new beginning 6

*The protocol of a new beginning 6*
A new beginning is signified by faithfulness in the side of the initiator and the person who is being initiated. God has a new beginning for everybody but it all begins with faithfulness in the things of God. A faithful man is a man of great influence and great destiny, to be faithful means you are dedicate in what you do to yourself, to man and to God. Today I will like us to look at the topic, faithfully following Jesus. What are the steps and the principle behind it. And then we look at the ways of God. I want you to pay sound attention to this write up.

 *Faithfully following Jesus*

Now that you have a new beginning with God, how can you faithfully follow Him what are the steps, the principles and the ways of God behind it.


A faithful man is a honest man. If you are faithful you are true to your word and to yourself. You don’t cause people to doubt you. A faithful man abides in the truth and by the truth. You don’t see a faithful man committing sin. A faithful man has the fear of God and he obeys the commandments of God to the last. To be faithful, is to be decisive, you are not worried about the steps you need to take in life. Faithful people are dangerous people, they have faith in everything. So many people have claimed they have faith yet they are not faithful. You can’t have faith without being faithful. The strength of faith lies in faithfulness. The problem is this, when you lack faith you are busy thinking that things can’t be possible in this dimension. But really a faithful person sees possibility in all things. The steps are this things I am writing. In case you where expecting another. A faithful man abides in his words. He never says a thing and does something that is contrasting. A faithful man who can find, it seems almost impossible and difficult but if you are willing and obedient God will help you to be faithful. A faithful generation is a blessed generation. There is a generation of faithful people that can’t be harassed by the devil. A faithful man has no wrong. He is not worried by any problem because he knows God is faithful also. The decision to be faithful begins with taking these steps.


We will focus on the principles of a faithful man or person. To be faithful is to put your flesh under subjection. To set standards of the kingdom for your self. A faithful man can’t be caught stealing for instance. He is authentic and he is sure of himself, a faithful man is obedient to the law and wouldn’t do anything to mitigate against it. The mind of a faithful man is ever busy and filled with ideas. A faithful man will not share the glory of God with anybody, and he trusts the Lord with all his heart. A faithful man is tough and strong both physically and spiritually, worrying and stress can be sorted out by faithfulness. To be faithful is a kingdom principle and it is something that is done by serious minded people. Anything that turns you over to corruption means and only means you are not faithful. A faithful man truly is a gifted man.

 *The ways of God* 

Faithfulness means understanding and following the ways of Christ. A person who knows the ways of God and live by it is a faithful person. God has his ways in faithfulness. I don’t know what you are passing through but if only you decide to be faithful today, you won’t regret following Jesus. There are ways which God shows to faithful persons and it the way of life. A person who wants to make it in life will always depend on faithfulness to prosper and remember one of the ways of God is prosperity.

The protocol of a new beginning 5*

*The protocol of a new beginning 5*
God has always been an instrument of change in the lives of things and of people. There are so many things that need change and drastic turn around and it takes God to make sure that they are not burdens to themselves and to others. God is always turning things around that is why I titled today’s subtopic He is turning things around. After the world was made God kept on turning things around to make sure that they brought forth fruits and they prospered. Today am sure you will learn something new. Keep reading.

 *He is turning things around*

We will look at some sub topics in regards to He is turning things around

 *A new world*

When a man becomes connected to Jesus and has given his life to Christ, he become born into a new world. A world without end. A world of power and strength. A world with a whole form of results. He has stepped into a dimension of incredible and incredulous manifestation. Time and chance begins to happen to him. It is the realm of the unknown where God’s glory is the focus of the day. A realm where he cannot focus on himself any longer but on the things that gives God Joy. There is something about this new world. Apart from that it doesn’t end, it is filled with Godly adventures that will not only inspire you, but will keep you growing. Many times you are made to think about the past, many times sorrows want to encompass you. But if only you will strive, you will be glad you never gave up. It might seem hard initially, virtually looking impossible, but if you are willing and obedient you will reap fruits you didn’t ask for. 🙂 

 *The appointed time*

For every turning around, there is an appointed time. If you read my article on God’s time you will understand better. The extent at which you know the truth will mean whether you are aspiring for a greater height or not. Sometime you don’t know what is the truth until you step into it. A time appointed is in many ways the extent at which the truth comes into manifestation. I will urge you to know that the best time is the appointed time. Nothing is more important than that. God has never done things that could not make sense because it was done out of time or at the wrong time. There is a lot you need to know about the appointed time and I urge you to follow my articles and read the particular article I called God time. Finally I want us to look at the topic omen.

 *The Good Omen*

There is something that God has install for everyone of us, I call it the good omen. There are times when you are meant to be killed but God protected you. Sometimes you don’t understand a thing and God gives you the understanding of that thing, this is not what God has done but the heart that God has towards us. Sometimes you are scared or worried and God tell you to relax. There are many instances though. If God turns things around definitely He has a good omen towards us. There is a way that God exerts His love upon us that passes human understanding and identifying with that will determine whether God will have a good omen towards you or not. The value of life and the omen God has for us is what makes the battle quite easy. There is so many times you feel like given up but if you remember the promises of God you continue living. I give you an assignment today. Find out what God has install for you. Sir and Ma and remain blessed.

The protocol of a new beginning 4

*The protocol of a new beginning 4*
A new beginning is characterised by an existing vacuum. The earth was none and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. That was a vacuum, like wise in this life there is a vacuum that remains to be filled provided you are on planet earth. The vacuum is so large that it has lead to the death of so many people especially those that commit suicide I will like us to talk about what I titled the existing vacuum.

 *The Existing vacuum*

I will like us to relate this title to many other things, I will be writing on 3 sub topics and I will like you to pay keen attention. Firstly I will like us to look at

 *No satisfaction*

It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are in this life, there is always a vacuum to fill. This vacuum exist in everyone and it is the reason why unbelievers are dying doing things that add less value or none to there life. The mystery of it all is that this vacuum is so big that everything on earth combined together cannot fill it. It is a spiritual vacuum and not physical, it takes its origin from the creation of the world. Satisfaction cannot be achieved by what you see touch or feel. It cannot be satisfied by lustful desires or any desire at all, it was put there so that man will work and focus on his creator. The vacuum is only satisfied by God. Sometimes when I feel bored I need not to do anything physical before I feel happy. Sometime Just by meditating on God I receive my Joy back in full. God has made it that if you focus on Him He will satisfy you. Though the need for satisfaction will arise from time to time only God can satisfy. No amount of drinking or smoking or sleeping with women can satisfy, all are temporary. And they even come with diseases and curses. God give satisfaction that comes with Joy and happiness with good tidings. So if you want to really be satisfied, don’t go for the latest shoe or car or house or material things, those things will fade away, but not God. God and His entity does not fade away. That is why He is God yesterday, today, and forever

 *An empty mind*

Now an empty mind is an idle mind and it is the devil workshop, there is a thing the devil like looking for among earthly minded people and that is the absence of God. The absence of God in ones mind means your mind is empty of productive things and once the mind is empty the devil can step in and do His bid, its true there is no vacuum in nature but the Spirit of God cannot strive where is not fully covered with the anointing, thus at that point anything can happen. Its a mystery though. So when that happens the devil can step in. What pastors mean by no vacuum in nature is that every time something is been thought about by God and by the devil concerning you. But concerning the in filling of the Holy Ghost it does not happen until you are fully anointed. How God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost. Anointing came before the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost works with the level of your anointing. When a mind is empty there tends to be a blockage of ideas and connection to open heaven and thus devils find it conducive to habituate. Next and final point is

 *The challenge of depression*

Unfortunately when a vacuum is not filled there is all tendency for different kinds of thought and one of them is depression, satanically it is caused by the devil to steal the Joy of man, which is the key to receiving from heaven once your Joy is low then the devil can strike and begin to plant evil. The Joy of any believer is truly his strength. A believer who is still struggling with Joy, truly has a long way to go. Life will literally make no sense where there is depression. Depression is a disease that comes with an empty vacuum. There is a way a man keeps himself and he remains depressed all his life. Don’t heed to depression always pray against it and praise it away from your life because it is limiting you. A depressed man cannot do anything productive, a depressed man is a very tired man. A depressed man is a man that sees no future. Depression is deadly. Now let me connect depression with the topic and sub. Depression is caused by a created vacuum which is one of the challenges of a new beginning in Christ Jesus. But can be overcomed through faith, prayer and praise. More articles on the protocol of a new beginning tomorrow

Protocol of a new beginning 3

*Protocol of a new beginning 3.*
Many times people fail in life not because they are working hard but because they don’t value the life that they have. So many people Just live their lives carelessly not regarding what tomorrows hold. Tomorrow can come out with any outcome but what and how you prepare today will determine if you will make it tomorrow or not. Under this topic I will like us to look at what I called “value life” and discuss on some topics under it. What are we suppose to value in life and what does it mean to live effectively. This are the things we will be observing today.

 *Value life*

The value of life determine the extent you live in it so I will like us to look at various subtopics and connect it to this.

 *The breath of life*

Now people done know this but the air you breath is invisible, so also is the spirit being, to the physical you are limited by many things. Laws, objects, things and so on. But in the spiritual you are limited only by God. Now when you keep looking at life physically you miss so many vital things, things that carries so much meaning, and you see everything as difficult or impossible but if you live in the spirit you see road through walls and ideas through obstacle you can’t be bound. The breath of life I want to tell you is a spiritual breath which gave birth to man and if you don’t value the spiritual aspect of life you will have yourself to blame in the nearest future. Like I always say, nothing happens by mistake. You are not sleeping by mistake nor thinking by mistake, you are not lazy by mistake nor are you committing sin by mistake. The core reason for life is the breath that you breath I think scientists said that 10 minutes without it and the person is dead forever. My brother value life. It is written that when God breathed the breath of life unto man, man became a living being and as such removing the breath makes you dead. And if you value the breath of life you will value life itself and if you do, you will value Jesus who gives it. Life is spiritual so is the air that you breath. What are you doing with your life? Do you Just have life or you are living. If you are living you will cherish the spiritual aspect of life, knowing that it is the spiritual aspect that controls the physical Just like the air you breath. I also want us to look at another sub topic which I titled

 *The reason for life*

Like unto the first, God has a reason why He created life and man. Or do you think it happened by accident. God actually made you so that you will praise Him. Praising God is not Just when you are singing. I prefer to use the word worship instead of praise. Worshipping God takes a great deal. It means putting all your life as a sacrifice unto God. When you do that you are also worshipping God. Worshipping God means obeying God’s commandments. If you obey God’s command you will fear and reference God and that is worshipping God. The reason for life is that you destroy and frustrate the devil. That is another one. After you must have lived above sin then you tell the devil its pay back time. Start making the devil pay for his sin and wickedness to God. I still have more but I will stop here. The next and final subtopic for today is

 *Effective living*

The life we live in if valued would be lived effectively. Effectively is not perfect but it is striving to perfection. No man is righteous though Abraham was it means that as God said be ye perfect as your heavenly father is perfect that one can be perfect. So now to live life effectively you need to take the new birth seriously or rather your being born again. Now many people have formed the habit of living life as they wish without following the dictates of God some have used their own imaginations to consider things and do things. Effective living is actual living with the mind set that you can be perfect just like Jesus said. If you strive for perfection then truly you are living effectively. And then secondly is living right. How would Jesus have lived your life that’s the question, would He have lived it smoking, drinking and womanising or would He have lived it doing the work of His father? If Jesus wouldn’t live His life carelessly, I suggest that you don’t live yours thus.

The protocol of a New beginning 2

*The protocol of a New beginning 2* 
There are certain things that we need to know this beginning of the year that will help us all through out the year. Its good we learn this things because it will go along way to determine whether this year plays out well or not. I have talked about provoking a new beginning yesterday. Today am talking about the concept of spirituality and I will like you to read attentively.

 *The concept of Spirituality*

Firstly I will like us to look at spiritual laws

 *Spiritual laws*

1.) Laws of karma… This law is a very serious law, people say what ever goes around comes around but how I see this law is that you can’t escape judgement here on earth. The whole concept of karma is gotten from the passage of the Bible which says God cannot be mocked whatever you sow you must rip. Saying this I will then advice that please stop deceiving yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times you confess your sins. Provided you have sinned there is a repercussion. God is not a wicked God but He is a disciplinarian. God will not force you but He will teach and lead you. So in case you have sinned before and you think by coming to Jesus it all over, yes it is but that part of your cross of punishment you must carry it. Its not like God wants us to suffer but sin without punishment is giving someone a leverage that is uncalled for. Now I will say this please never you sin a sin unto death. Because the punishment is death but for the mercy of Jesus it can be atoned for with something similar. Karma is wicked and it comes when God wishes it to come and not when you expect it to come. That is the first law. And the second is

2.) Law of Giving… This law is very important. It is like unto the first, it is give and it shall be giving to you. Good measure press down shaken together and running over. It is a law. This year promises to be better than last year. But the most part of your wisdom that you should apply should hang on giving. Giving must not be money, you can also give in kind. In prayers for instance. In help, in advice and so on. You can give a sacrifice of praise also unto God everyday. It mustn’t be money. Try and show love be nice to people and so on. If only you can make up your mind to give everyday for the remaining of the year you will definitely have a wonderful year. There is no waste in giving.

The second thing I will like to talk about under The concept of Spirituality is

 *Trials and Judgement*

God is a God of trials and Judgement. There are different kinds of Judgement, but for the one am talking about I mean judgement here on earth for your actions. It is not until you die that you are judged even here on earth you can be, for all what you have done. What light and respect is God looking at you. Are you disobedient to a fault to God’s Words. If so your judgement will be like that of a witch, because it is a sin of witchcraft. Watch also what you say, like I wrote yesterday, the Angel will hear and the devil will hear. Don’t be in a hurry to speak, lest you say something God will Judge you with. Trials are like unto temptations, God will try you with a lot of things this year, so get ready. Don’t look at anything as impossible because it is not and God will give a good Judgement depending if you passed the trial or not. Don’t expect anything to come cheap, and don’t expect anything to be too difficult too. God knows best. In times of trials like Job, you should hope in God. God will see you through if you don’t give up on Him. 

Finally I will like to write a very important sub topic


Discipline is very important. It is very essential in spirituality if you must make it in this Christian race you must be disciplined, many times I want to buy somethings but end up not buying them because I disciplined myself. Now I tell people who masturbate and are seeking help that apart from the help of the Holy Spirit, you also have to be disciplined. There is no carelessness in life, if you play with life you will end regretting in life and eternity. Don’t take anything for granted and neither take anyone. People also tell me they have Jobs and that they want to quit because its hard or their boss. I tell them be faithful in little things and God will give you more. If you are looking for complete satisfaction on earth you will never get it. I will stop here today to continue on tomorrow. God bless you