Kingdom service 3

*Kingdom service 3*

We have defined what kingdom service entails, we have also looked at the attribute of a kingdom server, now we will be looking for benefits of kingdom service. When you serve God what do you expect in return. Is there any promise God has for those who serve Him, we will be looking at that.
*Benefits of kingdom service*
1.) Open Heaven… There is always an open heaven upon them that do kingdom service, God is not a wicked God, He will open the heaven to release unto you your benefits, if there is lack in your life open heaven removes such lacks away from your life, anything you need for kingdom service is usually provided for you. Open heaven determines divine presence also, if the heaven is opened divine presence will flow.
2.) Prosperity… Prosperity is to be successful in all area of your life, prosperity is not when you have money, but when your needs are always met when they need to be met. Any real kingdom server is prosperous, his or her needs are met. God is rich in everything, but he will not give us something that will destroy us, so He will give us what we need per time, so that we don’t loose the kingdom of heaven at the end of the day.
3.) Direction… God gives direction to His children who serve Him, you are not lacking direction if you are serving God. God won’t let you loose your way as His child, He will show you the part that you should go. God cannot let you be mislead, He will drive away distraction for you. God leads you aright all the time, the more you serve Him the more He leads you. He won’t lead you also in the wrong direction because of His love for you.
4.) Defence… Upon every dwelling place of mount Zion there is a defence. God defends His own, and fights for His own, if you want the defence of God, the best thing you should do is to become a kingdom server, kingdom service entails the covering of God over your life. God looks after you and also sends His angels to encamp round about you. Defence is the reason why most kingdom servers live long on earth and achieve great things. Defence gives you protection from the attacks of the devil and helps you to succeed in life. God knows how to defend His people very well. He doesn’t joke with His people, He can allow people to die because of your sake. When you serve God identifies you and sanctifies you for defence.
5.) Authority… Authority is much more profitable than wisdom. Authority makes the devil to bow. The devil has power but he lacks Authority. God has given us both, that is why when you ask a witch to die she dies, authority makes you strong in the spirit, you can order and disorder, authority makes you mighty in the spirit, you talk and every spirit listen. Authority is why the enemy can’t hurt you. Because whatever you tell them that is what they will do.
6.) Power… The easiest way to access power is to do kingdom service. The more you serve in the kingdom the more you obtain power, power to prevail, power to conquer, power to increase and so on. God would not release power to somebody who He knows will not use that power effectively, He will not release power to one who will play or joke with the power he or she carries. You need power for kingdom service in order to deal with principalities.


Kingdom service 2

*Kingdom service 2*

we have looked at the definition of kingdom service, we will be looking at the attribute of a kingdom server. There are certain attributes that are expected of one who serves. When you are a kingdom server what is expected of you. How are you meant to be, How are you meant to carry yourself, How would you know a kingdom server if you see one…
*Attribute of a kingdom server*
1.) Fervency in the spirit… Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. A kingdom server is vibrant in the spirit realm. He or she is active when it comes to spiritual activities, from going to church, to offerings and givings, he or she knows their onion. Fervency or vibrancy in the spirit is the reason the devil checks out most of the times, He says, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force, it takes fervency to take the work of God serious and to succeed. Fervency in the spirit means fighting against the kingdom of darkness and you don’t fight the devil with gentility, you apply some fire in your action and that devil will check out.
2.) Blameless in righteousness… The kingdom server is a righteous individual, he or she has no sport of sin in his or her life. In the case they offend, they ask immediately for forgiveness, no known sin is known to them. Righteous people are friends to God, you can’t serve God properly if you are not righteous. When Satan comes to you and find sin he hinders you. He stops you from going forward. Righteousness exalts a nation and you are an holy nation. Any kingdom server who is not righteous is only deceiving himself, his service is insulting to God. You have to stay righteous if you want people looking at you to stay righteous. When you are righteous you attract people to you, they want to know your secret and this is a spiritual concept. When you are stained and deceiving yourself and people you chase away people from you. People see you and the want to question God.
3.) Divine presence… There is something with all genuine kingdom servers I know. There is the atmosphere of Divine presence round about them, they don’t beg for presence, it Just comes, because God knows that if you are an usher for instance, you need to know certain things with speed and accuracy, you need to know where to place everybody that comes to church where they need to be, you need to answer questions accurately and with precision, and you need to be protected from diabolical powers. You also confront certain negative character as an usher. The presence of God remains with people that work for God. God put them under His shadow and guides over them
4.) Respect for people… A kingdom server respect people a lot, he or she celebrates people at every little opportunity they have. It is something planted in there by God. Even when offended, they still go on to respect people. You won’t see a genuine kingdom server insulting people. They give the same respect that they expect people to give to them. They are not proud or take themselves as anything, but they are humble, serving God. Respecting people is almost the same as respecting God. Because God is found in people. A kingdom server who doesn’t respect will end up chasing people away from him or herself.
5.) Prayerfulness… A kingdom server is sure known for this. It is very important to note. If you are not prayerful as a kingdom server, you will easily fall prey to the enemy. Let your life be a prayer, don’t just pray. When ever you are about going for your assignment always pray that God should guide you through.

Kingdom service

*Kingdom service*

Exodus 23:25 KJV
And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.
Kingdom service means service in the house of God, many people go to church but not all are engaged in service in the house of God. Kingdom serves entails many things, part of which is desperation and passion for God. There are also rewards for kingdom service. If you serve God for instance, He will bless your bread and water. Service can be done in many ways. Praying, singing, ushering, sanctuary, protocol, counselling, media and so on. Anyone you find yourself do it well. We will be defining kingdom service then we will look at the attribute of one who serve, then we will be expounding on the benefits of kingdom service, then we will talk about acceptable service.
*What is kingdom service.*
1.) Service with love… The essence of kingdom service is part of its definition, kingdom service entails you serving with love, the love makes kingdom service effective, you are not serving because you are in a duty post or out of self expectations or selfishness, but you are serving out of love, because you want to change the lives and destinies of people. Love understanded all, love endureth all, love does not envy. Love is kind, love is pure. If you have love you will understand what kingdom service entails.
2.) Service with passion for God… When you are a kingdom server, you have undeniable passion for God, you are always in tune With God work, everything about God work excites you, you want to work the more for God, you are not being distracted from your work for God. God is your favourite character, you can go as far as dying for the work of God. You don’t have limits as far as the service is concerned. You always see much reasons to serve God. You are not tied of service. That is passion for God. If you do things according to the will of God and you love what you are doing for God.
3.) A heartful service for God… When you are a kingdom server, you are heartful with your service, your service comes from the depths of your heart. You are desperate to please God, you are always sure you are in line with the principles of God’s word. Your best heart desire is to do what God loves. And to make God happy. A heartful worship entails a deep worship so also a heartful service, it is not a pretence service you are sure of what you are doing and you are confident that you are serving God.
4.) A service without blemish… Kingdom service entails purity, kingdom service is a service without impurity. A kingdom server with blemish is offering strange fire unto the Lord. Kingdom service should be done with a garment that is white and free from stain, any body who serves God with impurity is looking for the wrath of God and not a blessing. Kingdom service should be done with the mindset of heaven, if your mindset is not heavenly you should not try kingdom service. A service that shows the devil his impurity and wickedness and makes him regret his actions.
5.) A service done in spirit and in truth… A kingdom service not done in the spirit, is equal to no service at all, kingdom service must be done in the spirit, for it to profit much good. Because we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Any service done in the physical is a waste of service, meaning work by not what you see but by what you don’t see. Also the service of the kingdom must be done in Words too. That is, the word of God should back up every of your action in the kingdom.
6.) A service of Faith… When you do kingdom service without faith, it is like using a spoon to scope a river. You will spend an eternity trying to finish. The more you do the work of God the more you understand that Faith is important, in kingdom service not all you see requires a reaction, some of the things you see need faith. Faith is like the building materials for every kingdom service, the devil will always bring things to steal your faith but you must decide to stand and stand upright by faith. Once your faith dies, your service unto God is no more acceptable.

Uprightness 3

*Uprightness 3*

Yesterday, we expounded on the limitations to uprightness, today we will be looking at the profits of uprightness, which is also the products of uprightness. Upright people are to benefit certain things from the hand of God. We will be looking at some of them
*Profit of uprightness*
1.) Long life… Uprightness promotes life, bring about long life, I haven’t seen a genuine upright person who didn’t live long on earth. Except for those God has called home early which is not his perfect will. God wants all of us to live long but you must remain upright to gain that.
2.) Strength… The upright man is built with both physical and spiritual strength. Strength to take the battle to the gate, strength to overcome the devil and his agents, strength to live life. Strength to fight a good fight of faith. Strength to break yokes. When you are unupright you loose this strength and you become like a jelly fish to the devil
3.) Wisdom… The upright man is a wise man seeing that he fears the Lord, and thus the Lord provides him with the wisdom he needs for life and for Godliness. An upright man does things according to the wisdom of God. According to God’s instructions and commandments. God has made provision wisdom but it takes uprightness to possess it.
4.) Prosperity… A prosperous man is an upright man, to be prosperous is to have all your needs met at the time they should be met. If you are prosperous all your needs including your emotional needs will be met at the right time. Prosperity is what God delight for His children is. But to obtain that you must be upright. An upright man truly doesn’t lack anything, it is always provided for at the right time.
5.) Strong spirit… What do I mean by this, God makes the spirit of an upright man to be strong, so as to withstand the wiles of the devil, the devil comes to kill to steal and to destroy. If you are upright you have the power to destroy the devil through a strong spirit. The more tough your spirit is the better the battle you can fight in the realm of the spirit. God has blessed us with all we need for a strong spirit but it takes uprightness to be disciplined enough to access them.
6.) Hearing from God… An upright man hears from God. When your part is right with God you will hear when God is speaking, and God is always speaking, just that very few are listening. The more you are not inline with the truth of Gods word the more you deviate from His instructions, an upright man will always listen to God’s instructions and do them and thus God speaks to him through his Word. God always talks to upright people, so that His will can be done on earth.
7.) Ideas… There are lots of ideas in heaven, more than we can ever imagine, but it won’t be released to wicked people. That is why the country is in recession. The wickedness of men has caused it that ideas has seized coming to everyone but to the upright. If you want to be full of ideas, remain upright. God is about to do a strange thing in this generation
8.) Divine Health… Upright people don’t beg God to stay healthy, the are always healthy, God has bestowed them with health beyond measure, so they stay young every time you see them. The easiest way to stay healthy, is to be best friends with God. Afflictions shall not rise up again the second time is for those that are upright.
9.) Power… To obtain power is to be upright, an upright man has power to prevail, no matter what the devil is doing, the power to make it lies with the upright. The devil has a stolen power, you can have original power if you are upright.

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Psalm 18:25 KJV
With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;
To be upright is to be sincere with God and also to be righteous, there is no guile with you. You are truly devoted to the things of God and you love the Lord with your whole heart. When you are upright you please God and do His will, you go far from what ever that will displease God. Uprightness equals sanctification, you sanctify yourself from the wiles of the devil. When you are upright you are far from mischief and ungodliness. Upright people value God and esteem God more than anything. The upright man is always in tune with the promises of God, he hardly will do anything that will make God sad. The upright man is a man that is conscious of his stand in God, He is not moved by situation or circumstances.
*Characters of an upright man*
1.) Sincerity… An upright man is sincere with God. All the men and women God used in the Bible where upright, the eschewed evil, meaning they kept evil away from there lives. When you are upright, you are not froward in your dealings, you don’t lie or cheat, or do anything contrary to God’s will. Meaning that you are sincere both with God and with man.
2.) Love… God is love, an upright man has God in him, so he can love, the love of God is truly in him, he doesn’t do anything to hurt his fellow brethren, he is always ready to please you. He is not selfish in his dealings, he is ready to share even the least of what he has, an upright man wants to go out of his way to help others, he is ready even to sacrifice himself for you. An upright man is not jealous of your progress and he has the characteristics of 1 Corinthians 13.
3.) Kindness… An upright man is kind, many people don’t understand what kindness is all about. There are pillars of love and kindness is one of them. Kindness is the foundation of Love. You have to be kind to Love. Kindness is that feeling that comes when you help people, kindness is the act of sincerely caring for people, you see a helpless person and you want to help out, that is kindness. Kindness is when you see peoples problems as your problem and you try at all your best to solve them. Love is different in the sense that someone who does not have God can show kindness but not Love. To be upright is to be kind.
4.) Goodness… To be good is to be like God. God is good according to Psalms. When you are good to people you care for there needs like God cared for the needs of the Israelites. When you are good you protect, when you are good you guide, when you are good you preserve people. You are literally like the way God is. You protect people from there self and from hurting others. Good people see good in others, they don’t look down on anybody.
5.) Faithfulness… An upright man is faithful, he is not a type that doesn’t keep to his plans and promises or his words. A faithful man is always doing what he says by the help of God. A faithful man takes every word he says seriously and he means every word he says.
6.) Self control… An upright man is a man that is away of himself and his environment, he doesn’t just do things anyhow and he knows when he is getting out of hand. He watches his character and his behavior.

Uprightness 2

Uprightness 2…

We have looked at the definition of uprightness and what the characteristics of an upright person is. Now we will look at limitations to uprightness. What are the things that limits uprightness. Many people are trying to live the life that is holy and upright but they are not able to.
What are the limitations to uprightness.
*Limitations to uprightness*
1.) Sin… The more you commit sin the more you stay away from. God is not a God that condoles sin, the more you sin, the more you stay away from God and His good plans. Sin limits you and causes you to loose your inheritance with God. If you want to remain upright you must leave sin alone.
2.) A balanced mind… A life that want to serve God a little and himself a little, a life that want to do the things of the world and also serve God. God is not ready to do serious things with unserious people, if you choose to balance be ready to get confused and frustrated too. Because you can’t serve God and mammon.
3.) Foolishness… This has been the problem of most believers today, they think they are wise and thus do not ask for the wisdom that is above, the wisdom that is above will help you live your life as well as escape sin. Foolishness has landed most people to their early graves, so, run away from foolishness and avoid the company of foolish people. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So to be upright and wise is to fear God.
4.) Competition… Many pastors have this singular problem and this limits their progress, they want to compete with other believers and other churches. The more you compete, the more you limit yourself, if God has not spoken to you and you do what he has not asked you to do, you are only stagnating yourself.
5.) Faint spirit… What I mean by this, is a spirit that has not yet grown spiritually. It is easy for the devil to manipulate such spirit, a spirit that lacks sufficient Word, cannot stand in the days of adversary. If your spirit be strong. Your uprightness will be strong too.
6.) Jealousy… Jealousy can be a very big problem. It can limit a man completely, a man who is jealous about another persons anointing can never grow spiritually, Jealousy is like a poison in the heart of a man. It can lead to strive, hatred, and bitterness, which are core reasons why the Holy spirit cannot dwell in a person. Avoid jealousy and you have a better life with Jesus.
7.) Unforgiveness… This is a terrible thing that exist in the body of Christ today, many people keep people in there hearts and won’t leave them. God forgives us why can’t we forgive others. Unforgiveness is a thing of the devil, who so ever is doing it is actually inviting the devil into his life. An unforgiving spirit can kill and is not capable of love. Let forgive and also learn how to forget.
8.) Unfaithfulness… When you are not faithful to God and people, when you keep lying about everything you say, when you find it hard to keep to your words, when you promise and fail. When you are not reliable. When you can’t be easily understood. An unfaithful man is a disgrace to the kingdom of God because he doesn’t have the character of God in him, and he will see little or no result with God.
9.) Betrayal… Just like Judas Iscariot, the betrayal of God and man is the characteristics of the devil, when God has bestowed things into your hands and you betray Him, you are signing your death warrant. God has giving a lot of people anointing and power, but because they want to use it for their selfish purpose they betray God. Living a life that is not of God and provoking the Holy Spirit. And this can only make you to be like the devil before God.